Appreciating Jackie Evancho — From Both Sides of the Glass

POSTED: December 1, 2012

The following exchange is between two readers of Best of Jackie on the Web, DAVID MARCH and DOUG. These two men are audiophiles with years of studio experience behind them.

We second BREL32’s comments:

It’s really great when I read postings from the likes of David and Doug, where, as pointed out, they have a wonderful background in the technical side of music, so when they point out things to do with her style of singing that clarify Jackie’s uniqueness, that does my heart good, to know that they are just as affected by her ‘vocals’ as the rest of her continuing-to-grow fan base. 


David March:

Four decades + performing and recording session musician, animation designer and producer, I’ve worked in a state-of-the-art video production facility and had many hundreds of hours “on both sides of the glass” in studios of all sorts.

I have to confess that after all that I’ve learned, the session engineer who uses the equipment to capture the beauty of an artist like Jackie Evancho still knows things that are far beyond my ken. I dabble in recording and composing with Sibelius software, and found I can spend a long time just studying the “spectral display” of her vocal performance using the Adobe professional audio software “Audition.”

Soul-less technology? Not when it can give you an entirely new glimpse of the tapestry of her song.You can see the richness of the overtone series in that gorgeous mezzo-soprano voice that melts your heart, and compare it with various instruments in the orchestral accompaniment.

You can see clearly how the energy of the sound is concentrated in specific regions, while other areas of the audio spectrum are clear … “silent” actually. You can also compare the sometimes uncannily precise sine wave of her vibrato with that of the instruments played with her, such as that moment in the theme from House of Flying Daggers where she echoes the trembling voice of the bamboo flute in the “cri de ceour” of her final line.

Aw, shucks. It’s really just another excuse to listen to her sing for a while.


I can’t get enough.


I appreciate [David’s] personal input here and it is always good to hear from someone who has close association with the industry.

I agree … that it is not “soul-less technology” when it concerns Miss Evancho’s voice. I am entering my 48th year of working with sound and I have seen a lot of young talent come through the studios I have worked at, and not a single one of them, including a young Karen Carpenter, can melt your heart like Jackie Evancho does.

When she is on top of her game, such as at some of her more recent concerts, she is untouchable by any other artist in music today. I never factor in her age because there is not another child, or adult, singer that can even remotely approach her talent, personality, and her gracious stage presence.

Personally, I would love to be able to obtain the master copies from her studio sessions and have them transferred to vinyl. That would be the ultimate soulful experience!

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