News and Video: Jackie Evancho sings La Vie En Rose / Video of Wish Upon a Star


La Vie En RoseJackie Evancho has added to her catalog of collaborations with other artists’ albums by contributing to trumpeter Jummane Smith’s CD I Only Have Eyes For You. Jackie sings ‘La Vie En Rose’. Jackie’s admirers will recall that Smith toured with Jackie in 2012-2013. Jackie comes in about half-way through ‘La Vie En Rose’, track 9 on the album.

As you can see, on iTunes Jackie’s is the only track being individually downloaded as an mp3.

The rest of the album demonstrates Smith’s superior talent as a trumpeter and as a singer. There are eleven tracks, all standards from the Great American Song Book (with the exception of the French song ‘La Vie En Rose’ of course). On one track Smith collaborated with Michael Bublé, that best-selling handsome singer from the Great White North.

On her beautiful website, For Love of Jackie, Maia Nartoomid has posted a new video creation with Jackie’s ‘La Vie En Rose’ as the sound track. We’re sure that by listening to the song you’ll be inspired to download the mp3 from iTunes or Amazon or HMV!

La Vie En Rose 2



When You Wish Upon A Star

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On January 11, 2014 Jackie performed in Florida at the Susan G. Komen’s annual Perfect Pink Party in support of breast cancer research. ‘Sticssb’ posted a YouTube video of Jackie at the Perfect Pink Party singing ‘When You Wish Upon a Star’ . She sounds lovely, as always. (No problems with breathing!)

Best of Jackie on the Web 2013 in review

one dropThank you readers of Best of Jackie on the Web for visiting and thank you in particular to those who left comments.

We hope you enjoyed what we posted in 2013.

Most of all we hope we managed, even if only in a small way, to be of service to Jackie.

The stats robot prepared a 2013 annual report for Best of Jackie on the Web (click here to see the complete report). In the report, hover your mouse cursor over the world map to see the number of visitors from each country.

The two posts visited by the largest number of readers were Jackie Evancho in Taiwan and Jackie Evancho Video of Bridge Over Troubled Water.

The two most commented on posts were A Jackie Evancho Personality Cult (66 comments)  and Video: Jackie Evancho on the Queen Latifah Show (48 comments).

Among our favorite posts the past year are Jackie Evancho: Paragon, or Disappointment-in-Waiting? and our inventive co-conspirator Brian Bain’s just-for-fun radio play, The Jackie Evancho Mystery Program.

Commentary: Some Thoughts on Jackie’s Return to School

We recently learned, from the Reuters article we highlighted a couple of days ago, that Jackie has decided to resume public school attendance. Naturally, unless she has an arrangement with her school’s principal (which is entirely possible), this development will result in the curtailment, if not the elimination, of her touring career.

A poster on Amazon, BillyDick, thought long and hard about what Jackie’s school attendance and certain statements in the Reuters article might mean for Jackie’s future. He assumes the article, by accident or design, permitted the Evanchos to convey a message to the fan community to expect large changes in the near future.

We think, at best, the article hints at more than it reveals, but we’re not sure that’s the case and, personally, we’re happy to wait and see.

But ours is not the only voice, others think as BD does. His views are food for thought.

Of course, what the Evanchos do, what Jackie does, is their and her business alone. It’s not for us to second guess. We hope, perhaps selfishly, that we’ll continue to hear Jackie’s lovely singing voice recorded and in concert for years to come.

What follows is our précis of BD’s remarks, approved by him.


Evancho black dress

Credit: John Ainsley

Upon reading the Reuters article, BD first thought Jackie had thrown in the towel. Upon reflection, he thought the Reuters article instead hints at the Evanchos’ plans for Jackie’s future, that things need to change before Jackie continues her career.

According to Lisa Evancho, Jackie’s mother, Jackie is shy. It’s mentioned in the Reuters article that “Onstage, she still has a little-girl-lost look between songs, accompanied by nervous little waves and glances at the audience”.

BD thinks that performing over one hundred concerts Jackie should by now have become a confident, seasoned performer. “But she hasn’t!,” BD states. “When she’s singing, she loses herself in the song and blocks out everything around her. Her world at that moment is the music. But when the song ends and the audience shows its appreciation, she reverts to her shy, nervous, diffident self.”

The interview mentions, twice, Jackie’s inability to read music and her lack of interest in learning the rudiments of music. Also, the interviewer mentions her lack of voice coaching and her modest rehearsal routine.

BD conjectures that the Evanchos think it’s time to let Jackie mature and gain the musical knowledge that will give her greater confidence.

Evancho blue dress

Credit: Getty

Then there’s the problem with some of Jackie’s fans, BD notes, those who occupy the front orchestra seats–the boorish, crass and disrespectful or merely unthinking people who are constantly, in a voice loud enough for Jackie to hear, yelling out embarrassing statements. (We share his concern.)

Lisa has stated on several occasions what she is quoted in the article as saying, that she hopes people will attend Jackie’s concerts not “to see the circus freak – the little girl with the grown-up voice” but to appreciate Jackie’s talent.

Those embarrassing fans in the front row, BD thinks, are catered to by the shoddy PR Jackie has got, who milk dry “the little girl with the big voice” image of Jackie, who have failed to update Jackie’s social media and official website images from those of a ten-year-old to the almost fourteen-year-old young person she is today.

Taking all the above into consideration, BD drew the conclusion “that Jackie has become sick of the whole business and wants to return to a normal life.”

When he reread the article with care, he came away with the impression the Evanchos took advantage of the interview to initiate a plan to help Jackie gain greater confidence and to recharge and redirect her career.

Hansen 4

Credit: Hansen

Here are BD’s additional observations:

  • He wondered what the Evanchos hoped to gain from the interview. Perhaps it was to reveal a major development in Jackie’s career, to reach the greatest number of people in the shortest period. What better avenue than Reuters?
  • Why, BD thought, did the writer emphasize Jackie’s lack of musical knowledge? Maybe it’s because the Evanchos emphasized it. Did they want to impress upon the reader that Jackie realizes her lack of musical education is harmful to her career? BD concluded that in the not-too-distant future the Evanchos will announce that Jackie will be enrolling in voice and music theory classes.
  • Why, at a most inopportune time, would a budding artist jeopardize her career by going back to public school? After the 18th of January, the biggest contributor to her revenue stream, her concerts, will be gone. BD thinks a reduction in Jackie’s team will be necessary for budget reasons and will have other benefits the Evanchos are aiming for. It will get rid of members of the team who continue to see Jackie as the little girl with the big voice, and it will clear the way for hiring a team better suited to promoting Jackie as an adult, seasoned performer.


    Credit: Lisa Evancho

  • BD’s guess is that a hiatus will also rejuvenate Jackie’s fan base and replace the “Let’s go see the circus freak – the little girl with the grown-up voice” groupies with more mature admirers, those who appreciate Jackie for her talent, for who she really is.
  • Lisa commented on Amazon that the Evanchos are not rolling in dough. Yet she conspicuously states in the Reuters article that Jackie has amassed enough funds to see her and her three siblings through a college education (we all know how expensive that will be). Maybe we are being told that while Jackie has not become rich, she’s become rich enough to let her give greater priority to her education, her family, and her friends.

Summarizing BD’s insights, he believes that by chance or by design the interview announces a plan for achieving several goals:

  • to give Jackie time to experience life as a normal thirteen-year-old
  • to give her a chance to develop her musical talent, to gain an understanding of music theory and how to write and read music
  • to let Jackie’s parents catch up on aspects of family life they put on hold while pursuing Jackie’s career; and
  • to give them the opportunity to evaluate and learn from the hard lessons of the past few years.
BD believes that when the time is right Jackie will recommence a full schedule, this time armed with the tools necessary to ensure success.