News: Jackie Evancho’s New Recording Label, Sony Masterworks

Sony Master 1

On another website, Chuck Yates has provided an explanation for Jackie’s move from Syco / Columbia to Sony Masterworks:

The music industry is typically a convoluted and labyrinthine corporate structure forever dynamically in motion. This minor change in label names isn’t unusual.

Sony Music Entertainment (Parent)
SYCO Music/SYCO Records, subsidiary of SYCO Entertainment
Distributors, Sony Music Entertainment (UK)
Columbia/EPIC Label Group (US)

Sony Masterworks record label: (Genre: Classical, Jazz, Show Tunes) is the result of a restructuring of Sony Music Entertainment’s classical music division. Before the acquisition of Bertelsmann’s shares in the former Sony BMG, the label was known as Sony BMG Masterworks.

Sony Masterworks shares the same parent, or umbrella, as Arista Nashville, Columbia Nashville, RCA Records, RCA Nashville, Epic Records, Columbia Records, Epic Records, and several others.

As far as Jackie is concerned the changing of the label name is little more than moving the deck chairs on a cruise ship. Sony appears to be simply categorizing the artists by genre.

Sony Master 2

There’s no sign of Jackie among Sony Masterworks’ recording artists — no doubt because she has yet to record under that label

5 thoughts on “News: Jackie Evancho’s New Recording Label, Sony Masterworks

  1. I have always felt that Jackie would tour the world when she was old enough for the grinding schedule and pressure of such a tour. I figured 14, but she seems to be maturing very quickly. So, maybe this year. She seems to be gaining fame in countries where she has very minimal marketing. I recently found a German website that was selling a German language e-Book about Jackie. It was called, “Jackie Evancho: America’s Greatest Talent.”

    • Brian, I feel there is a wrong policy behind the fact, that in western and central Europe Jackie is almost not known. My only europe-born information on Jackie from 2011 reads about so “there is another prodigy in the USA who seems to become a victim of exploiting parents and predatory music publisher”. No wonder
      that the West-European media leaders show no interest for such a person. On the other side, America is not interested in promoting Jackie in Europe. I live in Germany and so I am highly interested in the book you mentioned in your comment. Could you give me the webside of the seller? Probably can we unify our forces to acheive an official invitation for Jackie.

  2. Chuck, thank you for that information. I’m wondering if the Sony Masterworks label is in a position to give Jackie an entry to the European and other overseas markets where the Classical Crossover genre is more familiar and finds easier acceptance. I’m not for a second suggesting that Jackie should abandon her American audience. Rather, I think it would be great for Jackie to have more opportunities to “see the world”. She’s been to London, Tokyo, Taiwan and St. Petersburg; why not Paris, Berlin, Rome?

  3. Whichever candle glows the brightest for you, young lady, you go for it. We love you, and we’re sticking right with you all the way, no mater which way you choose. Best wishes to the family, always. Looking forward anxiously to seeing you in Phoenix in January.

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