8 thoughts on “Jackie Evancho & Friends November 9 — Muzart World Foundation Benefit

  1. I wish I can attend but I am far from Utah so hope they have video that we can see her performance, love this kid and her voice super. I knew she have beneFit show in NYC by Dec. I wiill see her there. God bless Jackie and more power kiddo.

    • Management at MuzArt says that the performance will be recorded professionally for a later broadcast.
      Keep your fingers crossed! :)

  2. It wasn’t that long ago that Jackie was one of David Foster’s “friends”. Now she is headlining this fundraiser in front of 21,000 attendees, with her own “friends”. I like that!

    • Is your birthday the 9th of November? Mine is the day before. :)
      I believe the event will be recorded professionally and televised later. But if there is anyway I can assist you in making your way to Salt Lake City, let me know!

      • Yup! 63. But mind you: I live in Porto Alegre, the capital city of the southernmost state in Brazil. So….
        I’ll have to wait, hoping for the postings. Actually, I have no hopes of ever being able to see Jackie performing live. Unless she comes to Brazil or if I win some lottery… Who knows?
        Thanks for being so thoughtful. And reciprocal compliments at the date.
        And Fred’s comment is so appropriate… Jackie & Friends : good name for a series of concerts, isn’t it?

        • Better for you to attend one of Jackie’s concerts. For her appearance in Salt Lake City, she will sharing the stage with many others. Let us hope that Brazil may be a place for one of her concerts in the near future!

  3. Because I live only five minutes away from the Conference Center, I feel very lucky and plan on attending this event. :)

    Congratulations and gratitude to Mr. Pat Melfi and all others involved—especially Miss Evancho!

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