2010 Video of Jackie Evancho Rehearsing the National Anthem

JackieJunkies have posted an eight-minute 2010 Jackie Evancho home video (click here). Using what she calls the “Jackie Fan Cam”, Jackie’s mother, Lisa Evancho, shot the video for Jackie’s now-defunct forum.

The venue is the Pirates baseball stadium. The occasion is Jackie’s rehearsal of the National Anthem for a Pittsburgh Pirates’ game.

As these videos come and go, take a look while you can. (10 September: true to our prediction, the video has been removed)

Collected 2Readers might be interested to compare her 2010 with her 2013 performance of the national anthem, the latter in Washington for the July 4th celebrations (click here).

A highlight of both performances is “o’re the land of the free” ( starting at 7.43 minutes in the Pittsburgh video, 1.28 in the Washington video).

To our ears, the older video is more impressive, perhaps because Jackie sings a cappela and her voice echos beautifully in the stadium.

The Washington video is less intimate and her voice is partly obscured by poor sound balance between voice and orchestra.

Do our ears deceive us, or is it true that at Pittsburgh Jackie begins higher but ends lower in the scale than she does in Washington? Maybe someone with a better ear and more musical knowledge can tell us.NA 3

15 thoughts on “2010 Video of Jackie Evancho Rehearsing the National Anthem

  1. Jackie rehearsing —gone —- Why ? so sad , —-why take away one of the sweetest videos her fans treasure ? Why ?

  2. Jackie at 13 has a skill that Jackie at 10, did not have yet. Jackie has the ability to instantly adjust to different tempos of various conductors/collaborators. This is a skill that few young pop singers have developed.

  3. I saw this video awhile ago but was impressed mostly at how Jackie adjusted (naturally) to the speaker delay..
    I doubt she was prompted to do it.. she just naturally adjusted slowed down but not too slow to make it sound good..
    Was not perfect but she is not a seasoned professional stadium singer either.. who is?.. not many..

    She must be a very smart little girl to do that.. and fearless as well.. She learned from the experience and converted
    the knowledge to the main event.. Only the singer herself could even make the correct adjustments… WoW.. I’m in awe..

    No doubt this kid learns things at every single performance.. One fan said,
    ” She is like a Swan on the water of a beautiful peaceful lake BUT there is a lot of paddling going on UNDERNEATH “…

  4. Here is a video of the rehearsal for A Capital Fourth: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xu_A3yxKrVQ.
    She did not do that note jump at “o’re the land of the free”.
    Also, Jackie is dressed up in an outfit suitable for an outdoor concert on a warm, muggy July day. Everyone else is dressed in casual clothes.
    The Evancho Team must have realized that, with thousands of people watching the rehearsal, the rehearsal was a concert and the audience should receive a concert class performance.

  5. She is slightly higher in Pittsburgh. Only about half a step higher. Not much at all. I love them both, and it shows how she has matured over the past 4 years.

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