13 thoughts on “HD Photos of Jackie Evancho

  1. It is very nice to see these crisp, HD images of our favorite angel, so I’m suggesting to this site to begin a collection of images (inc. the event and the date, and the song she sings, if applicable) as an ongoing project by all of us for all of us. There are many pictures of Jackie on Google Images that are fitting for this, our, collective JEM PHOTO ALBUM. I think this is a neat idea, and maybe offer many of these images into wallpapers.
    P.S. – I, myself, think that we would all like to see the event and its date and the song(s) that Jackie sings listed with each photo posted. To place this info with the image gives the image more meaning and worth and tells a better story. I am so well versed with most of her YouTube appearances and live concerts (before 2013) that I can already attach the info with the image, but I know there are many of her admirers that don’t have this advantage. This project would bridge this gap.

    • Your ideas are very good ones, Walt. We certainly should have labeled the pictures and, indeed, we intend to fix that.

      As for the photo library, I number of other sites have huge collections of pictures. At the moment, we don’t have enough person hours available to undertake the task. Besides, if we were to do so we’d want to ensure that each picture in the library was there with the owner’s permission, which would take some work. We’re a bit more casual about credit when a given picture has already been duplicated 1000 times around the internet.

  2. On the other hand … this site also is terrific for updates and some great postings, too.

  3. A little concerned that some of this “fan following” is a little excessive….. not specifically this particular post but in the aggregate……… and I’m a big fan, too.

  4. So lovely! Love her voice and smile so much… these pics refresh me
    Fabulous, thanks Jackie and her songs for letting me know the true values of my life and the whole world.
    And thanks for sharing those pics!

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