Jackie Evancho — Indigo Child

Indigo 7A reader of Best of Jackie on the Web, from France, Claude Papastock, in a comment on our post That Next Place, referred to Jackie Evancho as an indigo child.

We’d not heard that New Age expression before.

We have often heard Jackie described as an old soul, another New Age term.

But indigo child? Never before.

Don’t ask us why we dislike old soul. 

But we do like indigo child.

Somehow the term inspires positive thoughts about Jackie.

Perhaps indigo is the color correlative to the way we feel about her. 

Wikipedia defines indigo children as those

who  are believed to possess special, unusual and sometimes supernatural traits or abilities.

People such as Michelangelo and Da Vinci and Einstein and Glen Gould and Picasso and, yes, young Jackie Evancho, strike us as being barely this side of what’s possible.

So much so that we wonder how such a creature could be the child of a mortal man and woman.

Indigo child … a new term to describe Jackie Evancho.

10 thoughts on “Jackie Evancho — Indigo Child

  1. *****Just went and rented Indigo “Child” [the movie] new concept to me.. What a sweet simple well acted straight forward movie it was too.. Simple concept masterfully portrayed.. A more complex plot would have been tedious to me.. Is Jackie an Indigo child?.. or Anna Graceman or Emily Bear or Akiane Kramerik?… Maybe, maybe not.. The movie was sweet.. well worth watching.. when so many movies stole @2 hrs. from me I’ll never get back..

    Yeah, I’ll say it.. Jackie is an Indigo child “to me”.. If she’s not to you.. well God bless you anyway.. and Anna and Emily and Akiane as well.. even Akianes brother Ilia…. that kid is more purple than Indigo… Thanks for the heads up on this movie.. guys..

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