Glimpses of Some Recent Jackie Evancho Concerts (Updated)

Ed’s Note: Thanks to William Bonde for correcting our first photo. We also recently came across a Dane McKoy’s video compilation of Jackie’s concert at Minneapolis. It’s especially fun to hear the audience’s reaction to Jackie coming onstage in THE DRESS.

Jackie appears in THE DRESS

Jackie appears in THE DRESS–Gasps and Cheers–Jackie Giggles


We’re not sure why, but few pictures and video have emerged from Jackie’s latest concerts.

2,181-seat State Theater, Minneapolis (Credit: George Heinrich)

2,181-seat State Theater, Minneapolis (Credit: George Heinrich)

Reports suggest that her January 22 concert in Minneapolis, her January 24 concert in Chicago, and her February 1 concert in Boston were remarkable, even for Jackie.

Some who attended these concerts stated they never heard her sing better.

3600-seat Wang Theater, Boston.

3,600-seat Wang Theater, Boston.

Having  just attended the Boston concert, Kinginblack wrote on the Amazon customer forum,

I don’t know what she had with her Wheaties this morning, but she seemed to be in rare form even for her.

What started out very well to begin with ended on four songs that were possibly the best versions I have heard live (and I have heard lots of them). Imaginer, Reflection, encore 1 Music of the Night, encore 2 O Mio Babbino Caro.

One I would like to point out in particular was Imaginer, one of my favorite songs by her, and I don’t think I have heard her sing it better. …  

I was physically drained at the end and breathing heavily; is that normal? (I’m not an emotional person, but she seems to get to me.)

2522-seat Chicago Orchestra Hall Theater

2,522-seat Chicago Orchestra Hall Theater

These are excerpts from the lengthy description of the Chicago concert Joe Merkt posted on the Jackie Evancho fan club site:

I think she got very emotional while singing The Lord’s Prayer. She did a long, stumbling introduction of the song, ending by saying that her voice is a gift from God and she is very grateful for it.

She sang beautifully and hit the high note on the second “For thine is the kingdom” solidly.

She sang the “forever” powerfully and held it a pretty long time. Then she seemed to have trouble on the “Amen”. She did not hold it like she normally does. To me, it looked almost as if she was very filled with emotion. …

She did a great job of thanking everyone. She thanked [the conductor,] John Mario, Jumanne [on trumpet], and the orchestra separately, allowing for audience applause after each acknowledgement. She is slowly getting more comfortable on the stage and with her role as presenter as well as artist.

She got standing ovations on some songs from the usual suspects, including yours truly, but the entire house was on its feet after Reflection, which she announced as her last song and dedicated to Lisa again. BTW, her dedication is totally extemporaneous each time.Small 7

The Orpheum [introductions and patter] was scripted, but none of the other performances have been. She is getting better with saying what she wants to but still rambles a bit, which makes it seem all the more sincere.

The audience was on its feet again and Jackie left and did two or three curtain calls. The audience applause started to fade but I, and I guess others, urged people to keep applauding.

I knew, and others may have, that another song was on the list. I don’t think audiences are used to two encores. The give away, of course, is that the house lights stay down and the orchestra stays seated.

Many of the people at the concert must not have seen THE dress [before]. The one she wore in the first half, the blue with sparkling silver filigree, is spectacular enough.

But, when she came on stage for the second half in THE dress, the audience gasped! There is just no way to capture that dress in a photograph. You have to be there.Small 6

BTW, she was barefoot again. It’s funny how little she looked now that she is 2 inches shorter on stage.

“Littleness” is an impression I had at the beginning of the show. The blue dress is far less full in the skirt and the bodice is longer. The lines of the dress are more vertical. The effect is, given her youth and slenderness, is that of a waif on stage. After a song or two, though, the impression of a waif is gone; the impression of a confident young woman takes over.

Few fans have posted images of those concerts. And as for videos, most are snippets. A couple of videos are more than a minute in length.

Here is a 56-seconds video of Jackie’s Minneapolis concert.

Minn State Theater 2

Next is a one minute, 42-seconds video of Jackie singing the Lord’s Prayer at her Chicago concert.


Here is a 38-seconds clip of “The Summer Knows” from Chicago, shot from a great distance.

Chicago 2

This us a one minute, 37-seconds video, a good part of O Mio Babbino Caro, again from Chicago.  In these videos Jackie is a white exclamation mark at center stage.

Chicago 4

One more clip from Chicago, this one three minutes, 56 seconds, of Music of the Night.

Chicago 5

12 thoughts on “Glimpses of Some Recent Jackie Evancho Concerts (Updated)

  1. As for taking pictures or videoing Jackie on stage, I don’t know about other places, but in Chicago there were notices flashed above the orchestra before each half of no camera, mikes or phones. I got caught videoing the hall behind us (from seats in the sixth row) during intermission. Was told ONLY after the concert was over. House lights were up, Jackie and conductor were off stage, people were moving around. I guess in Chicago when they say No, they mean it. So for what we can see on the computer, we should be thankful.

  2. Regarding the scarcity of videos, it is a fairly expensive proposition to have even a “documentary” recording made, much less one with a number of cameras (and expert operators who can STAY IN FOCUS) or even special camera rigs such as cranes, optically-stabilized SteadiCams worn by a wandering camera operator, or a gyroscopically stabilized state-of-the-art remotely operated camera riding on cable suspended above the audience.

    There were a couple of moments in “Dream with Me” when the crane operator brought the camera swinging close enough to Ms. Evancho that she was momentarily forced to glance at the camera. Her ability to maintain her composure when having a boom-mounted camera lunging at her that way is NOTHING short of remarkable.

    Maybe fans could set up a subscription deal – if enough fans pledge or pay an advance fee – to have each concert professionally recorded. Still might be complicated by such things as Union rules about recording performances… maybe someone who knows about these things can comment.

    Anyhow, I don’t understand how all the technical people could be immune from the impulse to drip tears of joy all over their equipment. They are HUMAN, aren’t they?

    • p.s. I would certainly be willing to pay the equivalent of the cost of a couple of DVDs to help ensure that her concerts are at least documented, if not treated with a full-on DVD-worthy production. What’s that, about $30 – $40? If ten thousand fans did that, you could hire a pretty decent video production team.

      Again, to do that FORMALLY will likely involve securing “mechanical rights” releases from composers, arrangers, and even the accompanying orchestras, just for starts. I wish it weren’t so complicated, but that’s reality.

      • David, I am entirely in agreement with you here. Personally, I would never film a concert, because I wouldn’t want to disturb others and because the Evanchos have said they don’t want fans posting amateur videos. I know that makes me inconsistent, because I regret when no bootleg videos appear. I would be more than willing to pay an extra fee to view official videos on the JE fan club or a subscription fee to view them on YouTube. I do understand, though, that there is no easy solution. It would be most unfortunate, though, if no record was made of JE’s early career.

  3. Fewer videos? Perhaps those who have attended Miss Evancho’s concerts recently, realize that recording an artist detracts from one’s own involvement and enjoyment in the over-all experience of seeing and hearing someone live. I know it would have for me. I saw her in Utah last March (2012) and not a single video emerged from the performance.

    Or maybe the present lack of videos it’s just a temporary fluke. ;)

    • Hi Ben,
      I read several comments on the YT videos where the uploader said they had to be very careful as everybody attending her concerts is checked to ensure no video equipment is being sneaked into the venue.
      And once a concert is underway, security is active in trying to ensure no one is videoing It.

      One thought away from the practical considerations, is that everyone who is a new or a regular attender, is just so caught up in the vibration of the Event, that it’s simply impossible to do both.

      I think her abilities/power to capivate an audience, if the YT snippets and comments are anything to go by are increasing ten fold.

      I hope at some stage this year Jackie and Mike/or Lisa will do another interview, which in turn will give All her fans an update on how things in her life, both professionally and personally, are progressing.

      • Yes, brel32, the security measures are considerable and to be respected. Perhaps a secret agent mentality is required in order to get excellent and clandestine video shots ! :)

    • Il est bon de vous entendre à nouveau, Claude.

      J’ai été intrigué par l’expression que vous avez utilisé sur le 30/01/2013 à 16:56, « enfant indigo ». Il y a un article sur « enfant indigo » sur Wikipedia. La version anglaise définie enfant indigo: « children who are believed to possess special, unusual and sometimes supernatural traits or abilities ». Sur la Wikipédia en français la définition est « est une expression issue du courant New Age et désignant des enfants nés à partir de la fin du xxe siècle qui posséderaient des aptitudes psychologiques et spirituelles ».

      Comme je le dis, très intrigant.

      • Merci à vous ! C’est un plaisir de partager une telle passion ici.

        Je lis ce commentaire après avoir posté une réponse sur “Jackie Evancho — Indigo Child”. Travaillant avec des enfants, la notion “Indigo” s’adresse à tous, à des degrés différents. Le plus avancé dans un domaine fortifie, nourrit, entraîne les autres derrière lui comme l’oie de tête d’une envolée d’oies sauvages. Chacun peut intégrer cette force et s’élever à son tour.
        Je comprends que les enfants “très indigos” peuvent sembler parfois intrigants.

        Jacqueline-Marie (j’aime trop utiliser ses prénoms français!) est ce rayon de soleil porteur de forces naturelles, de merveilleux, d’élévation de l’âme, d’énergie, de paix, d’intense plaisir musical, de sérénité, d’altruisme, de dépassement de soi, de joie de vivre… (je m’arrête là!). Et comme l’a rappelé Ben (un autre Fan passionné) : “Quand Jackie entre dans une pièce, des papillons et des arcs-en-ciels l’accompagnent” disait sa maman. J’adore cette description qui lui va à merveille.

        Je suis également persuadé que notre chanteuse “Popéra” protégée est une “préado” comme toutes les autres avec ses propres passions, ses moments de folies, sa vie qui s’ouvre devant elle. Je lui le souhaite mais cela semble évident. J’aimerais lui offrir une semaine de vraies vacances dans ma si belle France où elle ne s’occuperait que d’elle. Je sais, je ne suis probablement pas le seul ! Elle mérite qu’on la remercie pour tout le bonheur qu’elle nous apporte.

        A propos de videos professionnelles, je suis prêt à me joindre à la centains de fans comme le suggère David pour les acheter. Nous pourrions, en toute légalité, vivre et partager les concerts de notre rayon de soleil bleu, jaune, rouge ou scintillant selon les superbes robes qu’elle porte. Sans vouloir faire d’ombre aux vrais concerts bien sûr.

        Amitiés à toute et tous.

        Claude Papastock

        I try to translate, be indulgent!

        Thanks to you! It is a pleasure to share such a passion here.

        I read this comment after having posted an answer on ” Jackie Evancho – Indigo Child “. Working with children, the “Indigo” notion concerns them all, on different degrees. The most moved forward in a domain strengthen, feeds, pulls, entails the others behind him as the goose of head of a flight of wild gooses. Each can integrate this strength and rise in his turn.
        I understand that the ” very indigo ” children can seem sometimes intriguing.

        Jacqueline-Marie (I too much like using her French first names!) is this expanding sunbeam of natural strengths, rise of soul, energy, peace, intense musical pleasure, serenity, altruism, overtaking of one, joy of living… (I stop there!). And as called back it Ben (another passionate Fan): ” when Jackie enters a room, so do butterflies and rainbows ” said her mom. So nice description.

        I am also persuaded that our protected ” Popera singer ” is a “preteen” as all the others with her own passions, her crazy moments, her life which opens in front of her. I wish it for her but it seems obvious. I would like offering her one week real holidays in my so beautifull France where she would take care only of her. I know, I’m probably not the only one! She deserves that we thank her for all the happiness she brings us.

        About professional videos , I’m ready to join other fans to buy them, as David suggests it. We could legally live and share the concerts of our blue, yellow, red or twinkling sunbeam according to the magnificent dresses she wears. Without wanting to disadvantage her real concerts of course.

        Friendships to all.

        Claude Papastock

  4. Marvelous! Please, would anybody have a version, even recorded [on] a telephone, of “Imaginer” in Boston?

  5. She is very talented I hope one day to go in her concert but be complicated because I’m from Brazil.
    I travel to the U.S. someday.
    Thank you.

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