Two Jackie Evancho Videos You’ll Want to See

This morning I woke up to an email from my wonderful wife (I’m on a trip overseas) in which she asked, have you seen these two Jackie Evancho videos.

I had not seen them; perhaps they are new to you as well?

In this video, at the 1:13 mark, Jackie, eight years old, introduces her big brother, Jake, at what appears to be a family concert.

Jackie Video 2

It’s interesting to see Jackie making-believe a role she would soon play out on an international stage. A little over three years later, Jackie introduced her brother at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, as part of her second PBS special.

In the same video, at the 1:43 mark, we see Jackie in a school auditorium singing O Holy Night. She sings a cappella, and beautifully, if at a glacial pace. Listen to those gorgeous high notes.Jackie Video 6

In the second video we see rare footage of Jackie, age nine, only five months before her appearance on America’s Got Talent. The material is © 2010 Midwest Artist Network, so it’s likely the YouTube version will eventually be taken down. 

Jackie Video 1

The YouTube video has only Jackie’s performance and a few seconds of tape in which Jackie, her mother, one of her brothers (Jake I think), and her sister, Rachel (or is that her younger brother, Zach?) are visible.Jackie Video 4

By the way, for those who are keeping track, this is the 175th article on Best of Jackie on the Web.

4 thoughts on “Two Jackie Evancho Videos You’ll Want to See

  1. The venue for Midwest Artist Network Juniors Competition had a Picture of Tony Bennett on the stage behind each artist.
    Little did they know that Jacke Evancho would go on to perform a Duet with him for his CD and perform live onstage with him at one of his concerts.
    Seems NOT winning junior competitions can be a blessing in disguise.

  2. Good Grief! Her singing almost from the beginning is phenomenal. Not to be too personal, but I wonder if Mr. and Mrs. Evancho played music for tiny baby Jackie while she was growing in her mother’s belly…

    When I was living in Cincinnati one of my co-workers asked me to visit his family from time to time while his wife was pregnant with their first child. They asked me to play my violin for the mother and child. A decade later, we’d moved to different cities, and in one of his notes to me he told me his kid was a very enthusiastic drummer.

    Blamed ME for it!

    Well, he ASKED me to play for his kid in the womb. And I played all sweet stuff, not wild and crazy rock & roll. Go Figure.

  3. Thank you for this. It is of great value to those who enjoy witnessing the beginnings of a remarkable career!

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