A Jackie Evancho Review from the UK


FORUM: Amazon.uk customer reviews
DATE: October 2, 2012

So here I am in Edinburgh and what am I thinking about at 2 AM (sleep schedule’s been thrown off) — Jackie Evancho.

On Amazon.uk there are not many customer reviews of Jackie’s Songs from the Silver Screen, nor is there much in the way of Evancho customer forums.

There is, though, at least one customer review that I found well worth drawing attention to, this one from RBSProds (an Amazon.uk Top 1000 Reviewer, whatever that means).


These are soaring, inspiring, and sometimes stunning performances by 12 year old classical crossover artist Jackie Evancho, who possesses a mature, crystal clear, angelic voice that once again is captured within ideal musical frameworks played by full orchestra with strings.

Possessing a voice that can go from a whisper to solid upper register notes surfing above the crest of a huge orchestra reaching its crescendo, Ms Evancho’s upper altissimo notes may literally make your hair stand on end.

Following her successes on “America’s Got Talent”, national tours, a record-setting PBS appearance, and 3 critically-acclaimed and platinum-selling recordings featuring songs from classical, folk, movie soundtrack, religious, and popular music genres, she collaborates here with Grammy-winning producer/engineer Humberto Gatica and renowned musical director/arranger Bill Ross.

She performs 12 wonderful recordings from movies such as Moulin Rouge, South Pacific, Mulan, Tangled, The Lion King, The Phantom of the Opera, and Titanic. Guest artists are Joshua Bell, Chris Botti, The Canadian Tenors, 2 Cellos, and her older brother Jacob Evancho. Each selection is excellent but the ‘best of the best’ includes a fabulous version of “The Music of The Night” that is as good as I have heard.

Can You Feel The Love” is marvelous and her version of “Reflection” from Mulan is possibly the definitive performance. The heightened drama of “The Summer Knows” is accentuated perfectly by Botti’s trumpet. There are stirring versions of “Se” featuring the group 2 Cellos, “My Heart Will Go On” with violin star Joshua Bell, and ascendant version of “Come What May” with the Canadian Tenors, and a rapturous, heavenly version of “When I Fall In Love” that may bring on goosebumps at the end.

Young Ms Evancho’s career is advancing at a measured pace, revealing more musical wonders as it goes forward and this recording is quite an achievement. My Highest Recommendation. Five BRILLIANT Stars

5 thoughts on “A Jackie Evancho Review from the UK

  1. On one of the other pages of “Best of Jackie” there was a link to an Amazon.com forum with extended discussions and exchanges under the heading “O Holy Night forum.” I got there by following the link, and found hundreds of comments and exchanges dating back to early 2011.

    The forum evidently was started just a couple of weeks prior to the concert at St Paul’s United Methodist Church, Houston, TX; Feb 18, 2011. Lot of interesting posts, including some apparently contributed by Lisa Evancho, especially on the subject of Jackie’s vocal technique and concerns about possible long-term strains on her “pipes.”

    One of the posts was a detailed review of that concert.

    Good reading. Provides answers to some nagging questions. The connection to the Amazon.com forum was in a reader’s comment following a “Best of Jackie” article from 04 July 2012, titled “Here you’ll find quality commentary on Jackie Evancho, the best young singer in the world!”


  2. Looks as though we’ve been caught napping. Clearly we need to hike over to Amazon.com and share some of our fanly insights with a world breathlessly awaiting the news…

    • I’m bit bewildered as to why JE has not scheduled a concert in the UK; maybe her handlers know something we don’t. Are sales in the UK not what we hope they would be?

      If Susan Boyle were JE”s champion over here, that might gain JE a UK audience. With SB’s and JE’s mutual association with the Got Talent franchises, I wonder that has not happened.

      • Hi, With all due respect to Susan, JME is in a totally different league.
        When I look at the finalists for these various musical quests, I think Jackie just simply leaves them in her dust.
        I should think that Adele and company when be very happy for JME to stay on her side of the ditch.
        She’ll come to international attention again in march when the movie, The Company You Keep, goes into release.
        It’ll be interesting to see what the audiences who get to see It, make of her.

        In the meantime Jackie continues to tour the US, so that her Angelic voice, can continue to deliver It’s vibration, of peace, love and tolerance.

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    Could U provide more details, please.

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