One of Jackie Evancho’s Best Fan Pages — Fans Hispanomerica

Our New Year’s resolution, which we’ll fulfill right now, is to introduce Jackie’s admirers to one of the best Jackie Evancho fan sites, Jackie Evancho Fans Hispanoamerica


The website’s creator, Ana Ausfeld, from Paraguay, sent me a lovely note explaining how she came to know about Jackie, why she started a Facebook page, and the policy she follows in conducting the page. 

Two years ago she got to know Jackie via YouTube. It was by chance one hot Sunday in February when she had nothing to do. She was jumping from one YouTube video to another and came across the video of Jackie singing O Mio Babbino Caro on America’s Got Talent.

From then on she’s been enchanted by Jackie’s magical talent. 

In March of this year, she decided to create a fan page and a Twitter account (JackieEvanchoFansLAT @JackieEFansLAT). Why? Because wherever she looked she could get no information, photos or videos of Jackie in Spanish.

She created the page, then, so that Spanish-speaking fans could have updates about Jackie in Spanish. At first the page was solely in Spanish, but because more and more fans from various countries joined, she made the page bilingual. Now all her posts are in English and Spanish. 

Besides Ana, the page is maintained by her good friend and great Jackie fan, Sergio Barroso of Spain.

Each has their own set of responsibilities . Sergio publishes the Jackie Tweets and their translation into Spanish. Ana undertakes Spanish translations of articles. She publishes translated transcripts of Jackie interviews, and of course the latest information, videos, photos, indeed everything that has to do with Jackie. Ana customizes the photo cover, which she changes from time to time. 

Hispanoamerica 1

Ana and Sergio’s goal is every day to grow Jackie’s fan base in Latin America and Spain. That they are doing post after post. As Ana writes, “there is still much work to do, because in my region the style of music Jackie sings is not very popular”. But with the help of Ana’s website, Spanish speakers are gradually getting to know and appreciate Jackie’s wonderful talent. 

Ana’s policy is to ensure that everything on the website respects Jackie, her family and her career. Every post’s content is carefully selected with Jackie’s reputation in mind. As Ana put it, the “fan page is basically informative”. She doesn’t publish just for the sake of publishing. “Everything we do,” Ana writes, “is planned and thoroughly thought [through].” 

One thing in particular that Ana wrote to me resonates, I think, with all who wish Jackie well: “we think she deserves the best, the most honest and sincere, because that way it also shares with us the art and talent of her”.Hispanoamerica 2

Ana’s sole aim is to put Jackie first. She isn’t seeking attention for herself. She does what she does because she admires Jackie, enough to spend the many hours it takes to keep the site up and running.

As Ana put it, “Normally I would not say I’m the creator of this fan page, because I simply do not want to mix my name with what is the page, to separate things and manage the site for what it is”. “All this,” Ana told me, she does so that every day Jackie will become better known “in every corner of the world”. Ana’s last words:  “the world needs more artists like her”. 

O Si Sic Omnes!

5 thoughts on “One of Jackie Evancho’s Best Fan Pages — Fans Hispanomerica

  1. I’m waiting for the thought to dawn on “someone” that Jackie doing a CD in Spanish would be wise.. There are so many classic Spanish melody’s and lyrics suitable for her.. “Granada” would be enjoyable by everyone.. and there are many more.. I’ll bet she would fall right into a latin beat.. and love it.. Especially Flamenco.. Proper song choice and she may go Multi-Platinum in Latin America.. and Spain.., Puerto Rico and Central America.. Oh!.. and America as well.. Maybe a little Portuguese as well, why not.. Shes a little story teller that girl is… Many Spanish songs are love storys with feeling.. and emotion.. Some may not do now at her age, but some will do.. What fun that would be for her..

  2. Sorry, I stand corrected, error of expression, the right one is this: “The world needs more ARTISTS like Jackie” because she is a complete artist.

  3. Many Thanks to “BEST OF JACKIE ON THE WEB” for this article and more on this special date! Thank you for that beautiful detail! Well, mostly it’s beautiful what Jackie has made, look, Sergio and I are separated by the Atlantic Ocean and 15 000 kms away (9320.565 miles), but we have a great friendship to work together on this fan page! The same applies to each of the fans of Jackie, here in JEFC in Facebook in Twitter, etc., are united by a common sentiment: Love the wonderful talent of Jackie Evancho, we are a big family, and we help each other because the goal is the same: Each day more and more people can hear, see and feel it so beautiful that we feel for Jackie. In these months, because the fan page was launched on March 3, 2012, I have met many great people around the world who are learning to Jackie, and a very striking fact, every day we get emails and messages from young people and adolescents are fans of it, that’s beautiful! And of course, every day more and more Spanish-speaking people are getting to know her, we are filled with joy!
    Our fan page would not be possible without the help of many fans who are real detectives! LOL they always have information of all kinds, and especially very valuable!, If we had not had the opportunity to be close to these friends, nothing would be possible, our friends, fans of Jackie, around the planet, you dear friends, enable our fan page continues day by day, and of course, nothing would have been possible without Mike and Lisa, without Jake, Zach and Rachie … And our beloved Jackie! All this is for her and to her!
    I’ve always wanted us all to work as a team, we have struggled in recent months with pages and people who stole our publications, and gave themselves credit, we had to work twice as hard to customize our posts, and some pictures (screenshot ) that we do, and also all the visual work, writing and translation, has been difficult, we have also struggled with pages and people posing as Jackie, in some cases we have won the battle, but we know that as Jackie is more and more famous, that can not be avoided altogether, but we’re still fighting it. We managed to create among some fan pages, groups and websites (like this) as a working community, a great team that works day and night to make Jackie’s voice reaches more and more hearts, that’s beautiful! It has been hard and difficult, but worth every minute because Jackie deserves every minute, every effort of ours. Imagine! We are hundreds of thousands, each of us take our love, our time and dedication for one little person, tiny, beautiful, tender, a little girl, but this girl gives all her love, her talent, her dedication to hundreds of thousands of people, and we feel overwhelmed! Just think of this word, “overwhelmed” of love, of emotion, of tenderness, of inspiration, a little girl like Jackie can do that! So I said, what I say and I will say every day: The world needs singers like Jackie!



  4. Thank you Ana and Sergio on your collaboration in creating one of the finest tribute and news pages for Jackie. For myself and many others its a regular go to to find out the latest news on Jackie and to see some of the best photos and videos. You’re doing the world a service by helping to spread the light, joy, peace and most of all, love that Jackie has brought to us. Mucho, mucho gracias. Happy New Year! :-)

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